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November 28, 2014

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Supreme Skin – Anti-Aging Face & Body Sculpting LIMITED Time & NUMBER...NOW LAUNCHING A NEW DEAL for First time Clients to Come & try out our Anti-Aging Facial! Call for details!

Of course -- you want to look and feel your best. Whether aging has simply gotten the best of your skin
or you’ve spent too many hours sunbathing at the beach, your skin just isn’t what it used to be when
you were 20 years old.

And now, you’re looking for a REAL solution and a proven way to turn back the clock. But as you search
through the endless home remedies and expensive Botox treatments available, you’re left wondering if
any of these supposed anti-aging skin treatments ACTUALLY WORK?

What you might find instead is that these anti-aging skin treatments can take a lot of time and money!

Well, you can stop searching. Look no further than Supreme Skin for your answer to affordable skin
treatments. Modern day technology has truly changed the anti-aging game, and looking youthful
doesn’t have to take an eternity or break the bank!

We have the answer for your skin treatment needs. What if you could:

Erase wrinkles and fine lines
Treat sun damage
Tighten sagging jowls
Firm and tighten skin

there is a way to erase the years and look healthy and beautiful -- all without expensive surgery!

Our talented licensed estheticians have worked on women (and men) of all skin types and age groups,
and are equipped to handle your anti-aging face and body sculpting needs. Click here [insert link to
Services page] to read more about our anti-aging face and body sculpting services.

Supreme Skin, a full-service anti-aging skincare and body sculpting studio, specializes in non-invasive
anti-aging skin treatments as an alternative to risky and expensive skincare procedures. Your anti-aging
skincare needs are our priority.

We only perform non-invasive anti-aging skin treatments here at Supreme Skin, so we are pretty good
as what we do. We hire caring, well-trained professionals who are passionate about esthetics and
skincare. Based out of Hendersonville, North Carolina, Supreme Skin offers affordable, non-invasive skin
treatments for all skin types. From lifting and toning the face to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, our
specialized microcurrent technology is a quick, effective way to rejuvenate the skin and turn back the

Our team of talented estheticians is dedicated to taking care of your anti-aging skincare needs. We
strive to deliver the newest services available, and our staff is constantly training on the latest and the
best techniques.

Why Choose Supreme Skin?

If skin treatments have been a time consuming and expensive task for you, then you have come to the
right place. Here at Supreme Skin in Hendersonville, we specialize in the art of anti-aging (and we truly
believe that it is an art!) and make women and men of all ages look better.

Our affordable skin treatments use microcurrent technology, which stimulate circulation and blood flow
to the skin. While many other treatments like Botox are more effective on those wrinkles caused by
repetitive facial movements (such as laugh lines or crow’s feet), microcurrent technology reinvigorates
your skin through improving facial circulation, stimulating cellular regrowth and reducing the fine lines
and wrinkles caused by aging.

And, because we only specialize in non-invasive anti-aging skin treatments, our resources are dedicated
to the highest quality microcurrent equipment and talent.

With the cumulative effects of anti-aging microcurrent treatments, results become even better as
treatments progress! While you will see good results with the 1st treatment, then, muscle memory
will take over and results will last a long time. Only minimal maintenance is needed to keep your more
youthful results. Our estheticians at Supreme Skin are highly skilled and will closely evaluate results and
monitor your progress.

Kate has done a WONDERFUL JOB on my daughter noticed and my friend Nancy comments each time I go:)
Wish I could take Kate to Texas with me for my daughters wedding next week but I'll be truly happy to GLOW! Renee Asheville, NC 2014

Great experience! Kate was great, I will be going back. September 11, 2014 Tweet
Casey was awesome. The environment was soothing, clean, and pleasant. I'm looking forward to my next session! August 29, 2014
She was great! August 26, 2014
Lovely session at Supreme Skin. Be ready to be pampered! August 22, 2014 Reply Tweet
Wonderful place August 20, 2014
Wonderful friendly staff. Answer all your questions and informative . I plan to return for more services. August 10, 2014
Wonderful experience!! August 09, 2014
Will go again August 06, 2014
Excellent facial! July 20, 2014

Supreme Skin…micro-current facials…oh my gosh! What a treat!
It was clear the aesthetician knew just what to do and when. Her focus, touch and timing combined made a brew for bliss. Seriously.
The deep relaxation I felt seemed beyond worldly.
Later I received a wonderful surprise facing myself in a mirror.
I looked radiant; and my skin, I swear, literally glowed.
Dawn from DawnColors Cosmetic Art

I am so excited about my "new look". After a few treatments I
could see a lift take place right before my eyes.
The Esthetician makes me feel comfortable and she is a true professional.
It is a wonderful relaxing hour and the results are amazing!!
I'm 64 years old and because of Supreme Skin I feel and look younger!
Carol M
Etowah, NC

As a 30 something I am starting to see evidence that I'm actually NOT Peter Pan...or am I?
I had my first appt yesterday and I cannot praise Supreme Skin enough! The treatment is not invasive and your representative is a licensed Esthetician. Skin is her specialty! If you are thinking about making an appointment, go ahead and pick up the phone. It's worth it!
Cat F
Arden, NC

All I can say is "WOW!" I have never tried anything like this before and can honestly say that the difference in only 5 treatments is mind blowing. Im VERY happy with the results and am looking forward to getting even more treatments and feeling even more beautiful!
Lori T
Asheville, NC

I am pleased with the results of my facial treatments. The licensed Esthetician was AWESOME--she made you feel very welcomed and the atmosphere was peaceful and calming. I highly recommend this to all my friends. It's affordable no pain.
Dena D - Asehvlle, NC

Wow! What a fabulous business! The minute you walk in the door, there is a calming atmosphere. The staff are kind and gentle. I have only had 4 treatments and people tell me I look 10+ years younger. Sagging jaw lines and drooping eye lids are gone! All this without surgery or expensive botox! Yeah! This is a MUST for feeling and looking younger!
Debra M - Fletcher, NC

Beth R.
Asheville, NC

5.0 star rating 7/30/2013
I always enjoy my time at Supreme Skin! Its a very relaxing atmosphere and I feel so rejuvenated- not just right away but even days later. I would recommend this to anyone that is 30+ and feeling like time and gravity is taking its toll on your face and neck.

Rebecca S.
Piedmont, SC

5.0 star rating 7/29/2013
Eyebrows lifted, little lines and bags under eyes, smoothed away, rosy apple cheeks, and jaw line refined. No knife, no harsh scrubbing, no chemicals, What more could a 50 year old want for her birthday?!!!
Loved the results. you will too.

Carol M.
Etowah, NC

5.0 star rating 1/2/2013
I am so excited about my "new look". After a few treatments I
could see ...
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